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Walkers and Willers Take Oceanic Championships.

March 13th, 2011

A handful of Team USA prospects were on hand in the Netherlands this weekend gaining valuable UCI points and racing in the Oceanic Championships. With 4 riders in the main event, the Americans did work, but still not enough to beat the unstoppable Marc Willers who put on a show for the hometown crowd. On the female end of it, Sarah Walker, also a home towner, made her country proud.

Elite Men:
Marc Willers (NZL)
David Herman (USA)
Brian Kirkham (AUS)
Kurt James (NZL)
Nic Long (USA)
Josh Meyers (USA)
Kurt Pickard (NZL)
Corben Sharrah (USA).

Elite Women:
Sarah Walker (NZL)
Lauren Reynolds (AUS)
Caroline Buchanan (AUS)
Nicole Callisto (AUS)
Rachel Bracken (AUS)
Melinda McLeod (AUS, Junior)
Nicole Wright (NZL, Junior)
Victoria Hill (NZL)


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