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Questions with Tommy Zula.

February 23rd, 2011

When I first started covering racing for ESPN, Tommy Zula was the first person I did a feature on(see it here) It’s been a couple of years, and he’s stepped himself up quite a bit, he’s been hitting a ton of ABA Races as a Single A Pro working his way up to the Elite class and making a ton of podiums along the way. Beyond that, he’s moved to the West Coast and started training full time. He’s still repping DK but has picked up some help along the way. Read more to find out what Tommy Zula’s been up to.

Age: 18
Sponsors: DK Bicycles, Kenda, Moley Gosh, Alienation, Powers Bike Shop, ODI
Troy Lee Designs
Location: Fresno,CA

Ohio is home to alot of heavy hitters in BMX, who influenced you when you were younger?
Ohio has such a great riding scene with a lot of people like Matt Pohlkamp, Jason jewell, Josh Smith, Jeffrey Upshaw, Scott Mchman, all of these guys were killing it when I was growing up and just had such a great time riding/training with all of them. Jeffrey played a huge role on influencing my riding. We always were riding together and pushing each other.

DK has a strong role in the scene out there, how have things been for you since getting picked up by them a couple years ago?
I am so stoked to be apart of the DK family. its such an amazing company. All of the parts are top notch and everyone who is a part of the company really loves the sport.

This past season you had the 17-18 ex NBL title locked up and then skipped the grands and went to the Reno ABA race. What was the reasoning behind that?
It was a hard decision to skip NBL Grands because its always been one of my favorite races but my goal for next season was getting into the pro ranks. So going to Reno let me race elite men and try to get some experience.

You are pretty notorious for your style in the races, it’s obvious that you don’t only ride tracks, where else do you spend time on a bike?
I love riding everything. Track and trails are my favorite. Hitting up some street and skateparks are always on the weekly list.

You’ve gotten to ride alot of the better tracks in the country, if you had a choice what would you make your local track and why?
I try to ride as many tracks as possible, but if I had to pick one it would most likely be the OTC. Theres nothing like sprinting down that huge hill and sending huge doubles.

How has living out in Fresno been?
Being out here has been fantastic. I’m defiantly missin all my homies in Ohio but i have made some good friends out here to ride and train with and the weather is amazing.

How did moving out there come about?
Growing up I knew this guy David Bittner who raced pro and was from Pennyslvania. We always stayed in touch, and one day I asked him for some training advice and he kinda took me under his wing.

Are the any similarities between Fresno and Dayton?
Their are great people out here to ride with.

How have things been going since bumping up to the A Pro class? and how much cash is left to earn before being forced into Elite?
Things have been going really good. I have been pretty consistent but I really want to get some wins. I am a little over halfway with the money.

It seems like you’re one of the only A Pros that will hit a pro section no problem, what’s the deal with that?
Haha well I am trying to reach that next level of pro and they half to take that side so I think that I should take that side.

Ater Saturdays main(in Oldsmar) hitting the Pro Section more or less cost you the win, should the pro side be mandatory for all Pros?
Yes, it should defenantly be mandatory.

You’ve been traveling quite a bit the last year or so, what have been your favorite races?
All of the UCI pro races have been really good like Rockford, Oldsmar, Reno. My favorites would be South Park and Chula Vista.

Are you going to be hitting more Supercross races this year? Traveling over seas at all?

Yeahh I am really excited to get to race some more Supercross races this season and get some experience and yes I will be going over seas to race as well.

Do you have any big moves planned for the 2011 season?
Just keep working hard everyday and staying focused on taking each race at a time but working for that ultimate goal of the Olympics.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
First of all got to thank the lord for watching over me at the races and all of my travels. Thank you so much to Jason Jewell and Trevor Gay at DK Bicycles for believing in me. Bill Elkin and Mike Messina at Moley Gosh for all the support. Jerry Landrum at Alienation and for taking awesome pictures. Thanks to all my other sponsors and all the fans that cheer for me when I’m on the track and lastly my family for all the support.

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