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Speed Oversized Axles Are Ready… Almost…

January 27th, 2011

If you’re confused looking at that I don’t blame you. Speed has reinvented the Axle. The frame kits ready to go with a special 20mm Frame, Fork and wheel set is set to be on sale for the low price of $1379.99, but don’t worry, they will be throwing in a free stem too!
As of now, only the frames are ready to ship, which means right now you can buy a frame to hang on your wall while waiting for the rest of the parts to come in! (or run it with some janky ass washers and regular wheels) While this might be an advancement inBMX which rarely happens, it won’t take off quick. Sinz are currently the only people producing 20mm axle wheels, which means those $500 Profile/Stealth/Chris King hubs you bought last season can be thrown int he trash. For more info check out the Speed news section but beware of the auto playing story on Dominique Daniels from some random radio show.

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