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Questions with Barry Nobles.

January 25th, 2011

I shot some questions to the #1 Pro Cruiser rider Barry Nobles, Barry is from the middle of nowhere Alabama, and kills it on a bike wether it’s racing, riding trails, or riding the random skatepark. Along with Kris Fox, he is one of the only people who can hold there own on any given terrain, and there is something to be said about that. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of Barry in his new SE gear(the portrait is 6 months old…), so he will not be receiving any photo contingencies here. Sorry Barry. With that, Click thru and learn about Barry Nobles.

Age: 24

Sponsors: SE Bikes, Maxxis, FLY, ODI, Alienation

How long have you been riding/racing?
Going on race season 14.

Living out in the middle of Alabama, how did you manage to get into the BMX scene?
I actually raced twice when i was 3 years old but the track went out of business. I continued to ride my bike and started racing again when I was 10 at a track that was about an hour away.

There aren’t many people who can make mains at big elite races and then go throw down front flips on a mega ramp(mega reuse is legit enough) Do you ever have trouble keeping a balance between the racing and the tricks?
My main focus is alway racing but anytime i have a chance to hit trails or a park i’m all over it. I’m too competitive to just ride so I gotta try to throw down new stuff as well.

What are your favorite places to ride?
Best place to ride would either be a big set of trails or a good SX track like Chula Vista.

Its pretty obvious via Facebook and twitter that you are always on the road, what are the best and worst things about that?
Best part is i get to always be with my @bmxbuddies and riding new stuff but having to go back to a friends house and living out of a suit case gets old! I like being around the stuff i own and my own bed room. #livinthedream haha.

When you are home in Alabama, how do you pass the time?
A lot of self motivation training.

You recently left Clayborn to start riding for SE and Todd Lyons. Will the sponsor change have any effect on your 2011 season?
Nope at all. That was one a big plus. I got to keep all my co-sponsers and have my normal freedom just with a little more $$$ and a new name.

After shooting for pro tiles the past few years, you finally picked one up, #1 Pro Cruiser. Alot of people shit talk cruisers and say it “doesn’t count.” Any feeling on this?
That doesn’t bother me. At the end of the year i’m the one who went home with the ABA cup and the number one plate. If people realized how much of an ATM that bike is they’d understand haha.

How did you learn to be so stylish?
haha I still get a little sketch at times. But i’ll give the credit to trails and riding with my buddy Kris Fox.

What pros were you psyched on and look up to when you were younger?
Miranda and Stumpdog

How do you feel about the NBL’s new Nationstour series?
Honestly i have no idea. Hope it works out. Dunno which ones i’ll be hitting. Maybe hit to first one incase thats the one they blow all their money at.

You’ve also been known to rock a MTB here and there. Any big plans with the MTB stuff in the future?
Yea I really wanna hit that scene hard. schedules conflict a lot this year and I really wanna give this Olympic thing a solid run. I’ll prob hit 2 MTB races this year. Hopefully a lot more by 2013.

If Your iPod was stolen right now, what would be the next 4 songs on random?
Let me check the next shuffled 4……..
Game – this is how we do
Game – Hate it or love it
Guns and roses – welcome to the jungle
La Roux – bulletproof…

Outside of bikes, what are some of your other interests?
Theres other stuff!? haha not much until this winter. Been able to get on the snowboard a few times. Been loving it. Not much of a life outside of my bike.

What’s the worst part about being a pro racer? Best?
Worst: umm…wishing we made more money.
Best: not making as much money but loving every day of it.

What would the perfect day in the life of Barry nobles consist of?
Right now it’d be nice to wake up. Hit a fresh powder hill on the snow board. Drive down the mountain and ride a big set of trails with my close buds.

Anyone you’d like to thank?
Everyone thats supported me all these years. They know! but a big shout to Kevin Tomko. He is the main one I needed to thank on the podium at grands and I forgot him. Dude has always been there to help me through the hard times in BMX. Thanks dude!

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