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A new NBL.

August 18th, 2010

After having countless people walk away in the last few years, the NBL is starting over from scratch. Rather than a pay as you go template like they’ve been using for the past 25+ years, they are trying something new and setting it up like a gym… $10 a month for all the locals you can race, $40 a month for all the racing you can do(nationals, locals, regional, etc). It’s not quite sure yet where state series races will fall, and nothing is completely ironed out yet, but change is in motion. Mike wrote a good article that you can check out here on BMXNews and there is a long, long, loooong thread on vintage going about it. Personally, I can see the majority of people who race benefiting from this. Rather than spending $45 a year and then adding their race fees on top of that, they can spend $120-500 and not pay for anything aside from travel, which is a sick deal if you race every week and hit a national every month or 2.

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